Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Richardson Targets Cycling Place in CWG This Year

Ellie Richardson is in full sporting form as she targets cycling place in this year’s Commonwealth Games in Glasgow. There has been a lot of talk about the legacy of London 2012 and how sports will benefit from Olympics. In fact, one of Harris & Ross’ own physiotherapist has been motivated from the exceptional performance of Team GB.

As Ellie Richardson gets ready for the Commonwealth Games and Glasgow 2014, let’s take a look at what she had to say:

Richardson has only been competing in track cycling for 11 months. She is Ex-Scottish national, who was earlier a sprint champion in 200m in athletics. But, it was only after an unfortunate ankle injury and surgery that she was forced to take retirement prior to the Commonwealth Games in 2010. Later, after a series of continued setbacks with her ankle, Ellie finally decided to give track cycling a go.

In her first track cycling month, at the British National Track Championships, Ellie came away with third fastest Women’s Team Sprint time. Six months later, with a little more experience, Ellie went on to win two gold and one silver medal at the British University Track Championships.

According to Ellie, in order to ensure automatic selection for Glasgow 2014, she needs to meet specific time standards within the selection window. She further added that it is a real challenge for an amateur athlete like her to prove that even she can be competitive against the full-time, professional athletes.

In terms of training and preparation, Richardson believes that it’s not about just putting in the hard work but also finding time to properly recover between various training sessions. That’s nothing short of a challenge for non-professional athletes like her. Ellie is currently pursuing her masters in Manual Therapy and is also working on a part time basis at Harris and Ross. She adds that she will be traveling up and down the country to attend various camps – this further adds to her already busy schedule.

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

3 High Performance Magicshine Bicycle Lights

Magicshine UK is a market leader when it comes to the best quality bike lights and accessories. Magicshine bicycle lights are extensively tested before having them in the market. Their bike lights are often endorsed by the biggest adventure and sports magazines in the UK. Bikers all around the world count Magicshine as one of the most reliable brands. They manufacture high-performance bike lights with engineered designs to suit the different needs of bikers, both amateurs and professionals.
Here’s mentioning the 3 high-performance Magicshine Lights every biker in the UK recommends. 
Magicshine MJ-872 light unit - £79.95 
Owing to its powerful output and compact design, the light unit was awarded as a best seller in 2012. The impressive light unit weighs only 110 gm, but offers a striking output of 1600 lumens. Every Magicshine MJ-872 light unit is equipped with 4 cree xp-g leds with an average lifespan of 50,000 hours. The light unit is functional on four different brightness levels of 100%, 75%, 50%, and 30%. The compact light unit comes in anodized satin and features self-protection mechanism against overheating. With its extraordinary O-ring system, the light gets fully sealed and is also water-resistant. The light shell is designed with t6 aluminum alloy and is easy to mount over bike bars and helmets.
Magicshine MJ-880 light unit - £99.99 
Don’t get fooled by the compact design of the light. Magicshine MJ-880 light unit produces a striking output of 200 lumens from 2 x cree xm-l led with an average life span of 50,000 hours. In case the light units get over heated, it decreases the output automatically without disturbing the brightness level. The light unit is developed with a new V-shaped mount, which makes mounting the light effortless. You can mount it over the helmet or bike bar. With its new rubber belt design, users can easily mount and remove the light unit as the need be. Magicshine mj-880 is operational on five different settings of 10%, 25%, 50%, 75% and 100%.  A biker can easily adjust the brightness levels using the switches on the top on this user-friendly light unit.
Magicshine MJ-868 bike light unit - £85.00 
With an impressive output of 1000 lumens, the retro designed light unit has enough power to outshine a car light. Magicshine MJ-868 bike light unit is designed with aluminum casing for enhanced protection and operational in any weather condition. The light unit works on 3 light settings and can be easily changed with the controller on its top. Besides this, the light is supported with reliable O-ring system, allowing the unit to easily mount over helmets or bars of any size. The light unit is powered by Magicshine MJ-6002 battery and Magicshine MJ-6030 Samsung battery that has an average runtime of 2- hours. In addition, the light unit has a battery indicator that monitors the battery power and runtime accurately. It also comes with a 12 months warranty.

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

HD Action Camera to Record Your Adventures this summer

Adventure and biking go hand in hand. You can never predict when the terrain or weather turns out to be a challenge. Make the best of such opportunities to capture your adventure. Carry a HD action camera the next time you plan a bike trip across the mountains, and show your friends through videos all that you did.           
Don’t just throw away your summer vacations, sitting back at home. Get hold on your bike and bring along a HD action Camera to record your biking adventures. Summers are just on the verge of end, so it’s the perfect time for bikers to roll up some adventure. The season is just right to explore the wild before the rains come pouring down. However, have you ever considered treasuring such adventures forever? If not, we have Sony HDR- AS100VR, the best HD action camera to record your biking adventures this summer. 
Sony HDR- AS100VR 
Designed precisely for bikers who love challenging the limits, Sony HDR- AS100VR is a brand new helmet camera with advanced features. It’s meant to capture the action and thrill with clarity. 
Advanced Design and Enhanced Video Quality
The action camera comes with a splash proof design and Live View Remote in a modern white finish. You will certainly get the best video quality of 1080 pixels at 60 frames per second. The camera has Sony’s steady shot image stabilization that is best suited for high intensity extreme sports and thus produces ultra smooth HD video quality. 
Uninterrupted Sharing Of Adventures 
With built-in Wi-Fi and NFC sharing technology, you can share your adventures with your friends and can even upload your ventures to several social networks. Besides this, the camera also comes with an integrated GPS geo-tagging option. With this selection, you can easily track different locations and analyze your trail and speed on a clear display. 
Improved Safety Features 
Sony HDR- AS100VR  comes with a 5m water-resistant case which keeps it protected in any sort of terrain or weather condition. The protective case is shockproof and is perfectly designed to face all possible challenges with action adventure sports. 
Ultimate Features for an Action Camera: 
From its design to recording quality, the camera is undoubtedly the best in its class. The camera captures still shots with its impressive 13.5 megapixel lens and records video of 1080 pixels at 60 frames per second. The action camera has 170 degree wide angle Carl Zeiss: Vario-Tessar lens. With its steady-shot image stabilization feature, you will get the best image quality every time you bring this impressive camera into play. The camera is equipped with live view remote that allows you to control your settings and stay connected on the move.